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Medical Cannabis in the Age of Legalization: A Comprehensive Analysis

The legalization of recreational cannabis has sparked a myriad of discussions, debates, and research. One aspect that often slips under the radar, however, is the impact of this legalization on medical cannabis consumers. With this shifting landscape, it’s crucial to probe questions such as “Does the legalization of recreational cannabis adversely affect medical cannabis consumers?”…

Sha’Carri Richardson Weed Suspension

Sha’Carri Richardson Suspension Over Marijuana Use: Racism?

If you’ve been following the Tokyo Olympics 2021, you probably heard the Sha’Carri Richardson suspension over marijuana use controversy. For the clueless, here’s a quick reminder. In June, Richardson, 21, dominated the women’s 100-meter race in Oregon’s U.S. track and field trials, only to be suspended from the U.S. Olympic team due to a positive…