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Sha’Carri Richardson Weed Suspension

Sha’Carri Richardson Suspension Over Marijuana Use: Racism?

If you’ve been following the Tokyo Olympics 2021, you probably heard the Sha’Carri Richardson suspension over marijuana use controversy. For the clueless, here’s a quick reminder. In June, Richardson, 21, dominated the women’s 100-meter race in Oregon’s U.S. track and field trials, only to be suspended from the U.S. Olympic team due to a positive…

UFO Report

American Intelligence UFO Report: We’re Not Saying Aliens, but we’re Not Not Saying Aliens

American intelligence personnel has concluded that they don’t have the foggiest clue what UFOs are according to administration officials briefed on the matter. While the pending report doesn’t rule out the existence of aliens navigating our skies, it deliberately states that there is no evidence the UFOs are alien technology either. As Gin Rummy from…